The Larson Agency Real Estate and Insurance

Rooted in Madrid's History, Invested in Madrid's future


The Larson Agency was established in 1914 as the Pioneer Land Company by partners A. W. Larson and O. A. Hutton. The first building at 218 South. State Sreet. was destroyed by fire and The Larson Agency moved to 116 West Second Street in about 1935. In the late 1920's, the first auto insurance policy sold in Madrid, was sold to S. L. Miles for annual premium of $8.00. Homer. K. Larson joined his father in th business in 1937 and the name changed to The Larson Agency in 1946. A. W. Larson participated in the business until his death in 1950. Floyd F. Gibbons joined The Larson Agency in 1957 and purchased the business from Homer Larson in 1986. Floyd "Pinkie" Gibbons built the business to its current status and then retired after selling the agency to Gordon Quam in 2000. Today, The Larson Agency is a leader in the local real estate market, participates in the community, and takes pride in Madrid.
Upon Gordon Quam's retirement The Larson Agency was purchased in 2013 by Hertz Real Estate Services and Midwest Insurance Corporation, a division of Hertz Real Estate. After 100 years in the business The Larson Agency has come full circle. With the acquisition by Hertz, The Larson Agency will be able to explore new avenues into the farm ground sales, listings and auctions. Don Lincoln Associate broker joined The Larson Agency in 2000 and is currently in charge of all Real Estate transactions and commercial insurance. Deb Safley joined The Larson Agency in 2013 and is licensed in personal lines and life insurance.


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